Decorating the home is my favourite way to honor the cycle of seasons. Beauty and aesthetics are important on so many levels. Life is a drama, like a play or a movie, and decorating your living space is a way of setting the scene with props that inspire your imagination and evoke the right mood. The style and color of any seasonal decor depends, of course, on personal preferences, and on the space itself. My home is old and features high ceilings, tall windows in strange places and a creaky, old wooden floor. The apartment’s resemblance to a cottage inspired me to try a farmhouse-style decor this year. Though I love to go on an excursion and pick branches, dried leaves and Rowan berries in the forest to decorate my home with, this year I went on a organic (mostly) shopping tour instead. I bought some dried grass in dark-brown and light hay tones at a craft store to make simple, harvest-style, flower arrangements. Traditional milk bottles from the local organic food store made pretty vases. Glass bottles, hemp thread and burlap fabric offer soothing neutral colours and help to establish that organic, farmhouse feeling. I filled my bottles with fake acorns (real ones are even nicer) and dried cotton pods to symbolize autumn as a time for gathering and storing necessities for winter.


IMG_0499 (1)


The dining space is the center of attention this season, since we are celebrating the harvest.  My dining room is quite eclectic and feature many different styles and colours of wood. Our inherited, well-used mid-century dining table is the statement piece that ties the room together. For this years Fall centrepiece I wanted to blur the mid-century vibes with a “Harvest party” setting: A silver tray with a dried flower arrangement and pumpkins accompanied by glass candle-holders and some green floral napkins.



I love to display food as decor items and Fall is the perfect season to do that. Pumpkins, squash, corn and apples all offer strong, uplifting colours. Real food is cheaper than fake, and in my opinion, much more beautiful. Plus, you got your tasty, healthy snacks and whole foods right in front of you all the time which makes you more prone to eat them 🙂



Decorating the home is a cozy and creative ritual to honor and align yourself with the spirit of the harvest season: abundance, gratefulness and remembrance. I hope this post inspires you to to create the Fall decor that suits your home and taste!

Posted by:Sara

Hi, I'm Sara. Witch. Writer. Maker of things. Everyday Magic is a public grimoire: a digital record of my spiritual journey. It contains reflections on pagan topics such as the wheel of the year, self-development, art, and the spiritual power of nature. In my practice, I focus on creating a joyful and harmonious relationship with nature and on expressing my creativity. I hope this site will offer you tools and inspiration that spark your imagination.

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